What World Did We Create?


Reading at the above title may have either positive or negative impact on the mind of a person. It totally depends on the mindset, perspective, and attitude and satisfaction level of the reader. A happy and peaceful soul may feel that she/ he has created a beautiful world around them as they radiate happiness, love and peace. On the contrary a pessimist or selfish person will abhor everything around them and believe world is an ugly, dangerous and unsafe place.

Reality is what you make out of it
You and everybody else want to live in a world where everyone is happy, loving and caring but what is your contribution in making the world such beautiful place. Aren’t you also a little bit responsible for spreading selfishness, hatred and greed in the society? How many of us readily help a person in need selflessly without expecting anything in return? 

No matter how bad you feel reading it but it is the truth of today and we all have less or more contribution in it.

You are important!
You know that the first person we will think of, benefiting from whatever, is no one other than you yourself. When a friend asks for financial help, instead of listening and finding a solution for her/ him or even better, finding out together the root of the problem, you might think of the time period in which the friend will return the amount. You have been so engrossed and busy in your own life that at times you even forget to take care or spend time with very important people in your life. You think of your own live, career, problems, kids, financial problems, problems with other people, co-worker/ leadership problems, making money,… the list is endless. You think you are too busy with your own things, rather than helping others too. I do not say forget about yourself and help others, I say help yourself in the way of helping others. Keep always a track on you too!

Otherwise, do you really want to live in a world which has selfish, rough and careless citizens? 
Also, is this the kind of person you truly want to be? Greed for money and success is so high that you might have forgotten the importance of real character and great values which can actually create inner peace, connection with others and satisfaction within a person.

If you are fed up of all the stress, anxiety, nervousness or find yourself in the rat race for so called success, or if you want to divert yourself towards peace, real success, great relationships and tranquility while doing all the necessary tasks of life, Life Coaching can be a great help to you.

Wish you all success, Jasmin Waldmann

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Jasmin Waldmann
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