Transform Your Life: Turn to Jasmin Waldmann, International life coach


Do you need a mentor, guide and partner who can help you transform your life and aid you in achieving the right work and life balance?

As a renowned and reputed International life coach, Jasmin knows and can execute her job pretty well! If your yoga, other workouts, some mental motivational classes didn’t give what you wanted and you did not achieve the results you expected, then it’s time to move on and turn to Jasmin Waldmann Life Coach.

Bankers, businessmen, homemakers, executives, teachers,… no matter what field or industry you belong to, life coaching can help you change the entire direction of your life and advance towards positivity and success in a never before seen or experienced manner.

Jasmin’s Approach
As a Certified International Life Coach and Health Expert, Jasmin can work wonders in your life! She has invented Pilardio®- a unique exercising program. The unique training combines the best of Pilates and cardio workout and is created for everybody who wants to connect body & mind, get and stay in shape and gets a fit body.

Jasmin has also the credit for designing the highly innovative and individual diet program – known as JaWa diet.

Jasmin is a professional life coach. She helps her clients to realize ones dreams and goals.

Furthermore she guides to turn them into reality. The expert works with individuals (life coaching and executive coaching) and also groups (seminars & workshops) to understand what they truly want in their professional and private lives. Then she designs a program / plan accordingly.

A ‘Plan’ that is worth executing and leads one to achieve all that they desire for their professional and personal lives.

Why Us?

  • Happiness, mental super power, health and joy are our motivators and engines which we share in workshops and coachings.
  • We serve you holistically – Jasmin show you ways to use your mind in the highest possibilities and also vice versa: to calm your mind completely down too- in order to relax and refresh. The coach guides you also to your own eating style (diet) and to a healthy and great body feeling.
  • We teach useful and practical techniques for a far better communication with yourself (become your own great leader) and others (become a great leader to others).
  • Build yourself professionally, socially and establish long-lasting relationships.
  • Imbibe best skills to reach your goals and teach techniques.
  • We accompany you when that you will experience very important things.
  • We turn your problems around and make them work for you.
  • We create customized plans for individuals based on their requirements and situations.
  • We’ve helped hundreds of individuals in Germany, Greece, India and USA to achieve a smart, sharp mind, a happy and successful life in combination with a great body and supportive mindset.

No matter what your goals, problems, circumstances or challenges – Jasmin Waldmann will ensure that you overcome them with ease and in the best manner. The Life Coach will lead you to never forgettable experiences, success in all spheres of life!

Jasmin Waldmann

Jasmin Waldmann is a well renowned international Life Coach. She helps people of any age to find their path in life, strengthen the inner self and guide how to become better in business, more successful, happy and healthy as well as in private life. Jasmin helps in a team-character way to a life full of joy and satisfaction.

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