How stressed are you?

Check out now by answering all questions and get your answer right away!

Are you facing difficulty concentrating at work?
Have you lost your enthusiasm or enjoyment of work?
Do you experience less and less accomplishments in the time available?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by expectations (your own and of others)?
Are you feeling burdened by responsibilities (actual ones and assumed ones)?
Do you find it difficult to make decisions?
Do you have arguments with family members?
How happy do you feel these days with your spouse/ Life Partner / boyfriend/ girlfriend or how happy are you with being single (either or question)?
How happy do you feel with yourself?
How often do you feel tired, fatigued or exhausted?
Do you feel worn-out at the end of the working day?
Are you demotivated in the morning at the thought of another working day?
How often do you experience headaches or indigestion?
How often do you have disturbed sleep, or the feeling of not having slept enough?
Do you feel anxiety or panic for no apparent reason?
How often do you think “I can’t take it anymore”?
Are you able to relax and spend me-time?
Do you meditate?
How often do you experience outbursts of anger or feel increasingly irritable?
Do you smoke?
How often do you drink alcohol?
How often do you snack during the day?
Do you overeat?
Do you follow a regular program of physical exercise?
Do you doubt yourself?
Do you find it hard to go with the flow and get in a tizzy when your plans have to change?
Do you put things off until later?
Are you able to speak openly about your feelings when upset or worried?
Are you calm when you are kept waiting / stuck in traffic / late for an appointment?
Are you able to organize your time effectively?