Reconnecting your mind & body


When was the last time you came home from work and didn’t switch on the TV, radio, read the newspaper or use cell phone or computer? Do you ever just sit and think over a simple cup of tea or coffee? In today’s times, we are constantly rushing to meet deadlines in order to keep our jobs secure and ensure ourselves of the basic necessities of life.

But we forget that the body as well as the mind can only function optimally if we have a good connection between them which needs to be recharged at periodic intervals. We regularly make shopping lists or “to do” lists, however, we don’t apply the same in regards to ourselves, the ambitions we have, our relationships and our jobs.


Just as superficial materialism is not a healthy balance, neither is total intellectualism. So we need to find a healthy balance between the two in order to lead meaningful lives. Here are a few things you can do to reconnect your mind with your body which will help with self-development, work-life balance and calmness. These are “grounding” techniques that help you to get that essential mind-body connection.

  • Dance to some songs you like
  • Write down some of your thoughts
  • Sing a song
  • Paint
  • Meditate (focus on your breath)
  • Listen to music (without doing other things at that time)
  • If you feel “disconnected” with yourself since a period of time, then a simple walk (without cell phone), Pilates or Pilardio® are good things to do.

Wish you all success, Jasmin Waldmann

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Jasmin Waldmann is a well renowned international Life Coach. She guides people of any age, occupations, stress management, gender or nationality to find their inner happiness & balance, strengthen the inner self and guide how to become more successful and healthy – in business and private life. Jasmin helps in a team-character way to a life full of joy and satisfaction.

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  1. jasminwaldmann
    June 12, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this. Well, it happens sometimes that we lose touch with ourselves. But as long as we are alive we can always reconnect. Wish you a great reconnect with yourself dear.


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