Power of Being in Present Moment


Like everything in life, it is not what happens to you but how you respond to it that counts. … Steve Backley

Life is sometimes a roller coaster ride which encompasses happiness and sorrow back to back. It has a bunch of experiences and everyone wants those experiences to be happy and stress-free. Everyone desires to live a life of tranquility and each one of us has the right to live one. But are we winning, in our quest to find our happiness?

Maybe some are and some are not. But everybody can be happy. After all, the meaning of life is not to be miserable.

Our mind rules our body (and also vice versa) and it is up to your thoughts how you want your life to be. Living a happy life doesn’t mean you need to keep out of the mental predicaments and fortifications that comes through, especially when someone is in a mental dilemma. Being tensed about things like worrying about kids, money, job responsibilities, relationship issues, etc., is very much part of your life. No one’s life can be free of these, but of course one need to control these tensions and actually change a bit the way of thinking. How to do that?

The answer is simple, just be in your present. Although sometimes difficult to follow, but once you start practicing this, you will realize that your reasons of tension or stress will get narrowed and also you will be able to resolve the stress in a more efficient way.

You can’t nullify stress altogether from your life but you can surely learn how to manage it. Living in the present is an effective way of stress management. Whenever you get stressed, simply stop for a moment and realize its cause. Suppose you are stressed about not being able to complete an assignment or about of your nagging kid or a breaking relationship. You think that you are stressed upon one thing, but think deeper. You will realize that your mind figures out many reasons which are deeper as you thought.

Probably, the unfinished assignment is your present cause of tension but your mind is also linking to past and probably thinking about the fight you had last night with your spouse and also linking with the future and worrying about the guests, who are suppose to reach in 1 hour. If you try to make your mind work upon many things at the same time, means tries to multitask (which is actually a act of “back to back within very short times”- but in the speed that you don’t realize the hundreds of switches) you get pretty much stressed and too often the desired results are missing plus you are exhausted.

And after some time (hopefully) you ask yourself – can I do actually better?

Answer is a clear YES. You see my friend; something is wrong which needs to change here. Become aware of that fact is already a big step.

Imagine you live in the present only, means you do one thing at a time. Thus, you have just one issue to deal with at a time. Does not mean that you will have instead of 20 things, 5 things to do each day. But it means, you’d put your focus and energy only to one unfinished task at a time.

What is the benefit?

Your mind will become sharp, decisions can be make faster and smarter. Your mind and body will be able to work more intense too – and the best thing is – with less energy! In short – you will be more capable of handling more work, and stress will turn into almost I can say – pleasure!

Now, the question is how to live in the present and how you structure yourself. Not to waste time and energy, you should use the services of a great and experienced Life Coach. Life Coaching is a process that addresses very specific personal (and professional) projects.

Jasmin Waldmann

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