Let’s raise our voice against animal cruelty


Putting an end to animal cruelty is the beginning of a sensitive society.

From tying a string of fire crackers to the tail of dogs to see them jump and run to banning crackers, we as a society have come a long way. Today teachers in school make children go through facts like how loud noise scares animals and renders them helpless as they have no shelter but only the open roads and fields. But in spite of these steps, we still find animals being smeared in colours, hit by cars, beaten with sticks, killed for meat, being swirled roundon their tail and worst of all sexually assaulted.

Animals too have a heart. They also feel paid and they also suffer. They are capable of love and loyalty. They are living beings who are important contributors in our food chain (milk, etc.) and structures of our society. It is time we question why this ill treatment towards them.

Animal cruelty is the evidence that our society is far from compassion. These acts against animals are not the problem but a symptom of our lack of evolvement and understanding.

That is why in the same society others acts of cruelty like child abuse, molestation and rapes take place.Where the powerful suppresses the meek and is totally oblivious of the emotional and physical harm that is being caused by one’s acts.

Who is responsible?

If we look into the history of offenders, in most of the cases they themselves have been victims of violence and abuse. This is especially true for their childhood. When someone has been raised without love, he/she is only capable of hatred.This culture is no way limited to lower class but very much prevalent in all strata of the society, irrespective of one’s status or caste.

Where do we start?

Raising children as sensitive compassionate human beings is the first and a very good way out. Only by taking conscious steps to bring awarenessamong children, we can prepare them to shape a new society where animals are not ill treated.Plant so much sensitivity in their mind that they raise questions about what is happening with animals around them. Strengthen their voice so that they can march towards a compassionate world. Let them be so empathetic that they can never harm any animal or tolerate seeing someone else do it.

How do we do?

To raise conscientious kids, we have to raise our own conscience. In order to support them to take stand against cruelty, we have to develop ourself first, to be the best role modle possible. For that a little transformation might be required. A life coach or Therapist can help you to finish and thus overcome the past, finishing whatever wasn’t finised at that time , in order to free yourself.

She / he will guide you to unlock the inner energy. This will allow you to have access to empathy within again.

That transformation help you in addition to break barriers, disbelieves in yourself, cure the feeling of incapability to be compassionate, caring, lovingand supportive.

This is an investment where not only you reap benefits, but your children and the society benefits on the whole. Once you find love and compassion inside, you are empowered to raise children with a mind, heart and soul and hence raise an inclusive and sensitive society.

Furthermore keep in mind that you are responsible to what you observce, I call it social responsibility. If you see something is not right, do something!

With love and passion, Jasmin Waldmann

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Jasmin Waldmann is a well renowned international Life Coach. She helps people to become great self-leaders, find their path in life, strengthen the inner self and guide how to become better in business, more successful, truly fulfilled, happy and healthy. Jasmin helps in a team-character way to a life full of joy and satisfaction.Jaico Publishing house published her book “Change Me” in 2018. It is available in the stands, Flipkart and Amazon.in.

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