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Laugh away to Feel Good, Cope, Recover and Stay Healthy


With great power, comes great electricity bill.

This witty line’s been doing the rounds on WhatsApp for quite a while now. Now you may or may not have found this funny, but it sure did make a lot of people laugh.

As author Dr. Seuss once said, “funny things are everywhere.” Because humour is around us, it’s our job to find it and revel in it. Humour and laughter can help you feel good, cope with unfortunate incidents, recover from a sad phase and even stay healthy.

Now if humour can do so many things, isn’t it a great idea to find it and keep it? Through every dark phase in my own life, I have turned to humour for that uplifting feeling. I lost my granny and mom in my early teens and within a year of each other. It was a traumatic phase for me. But finding humour in the little things and keeping myself entertained helped me cope in many ways.

Here’s why humour is good for you

Physically, humour brings a smile or laughter, which can help you release endorphins, which in turn lowers chronic pain. A good belly laugh can burn considerable calories, lower stress hormones, boost your immunity, relax your muscles and prevent heart disease. Now you understand why people join laughter clubs!

Mentally, humour just makes you feel good about yourself and everything around you, you feel no anxiety, makes you less high-strung and more resilient. It helps you see things on a lighter note and that takes away the fear of failure. So no surprises then that happy people are also successful!

Socially, because of your sense of humour, you don’t look like a killjoy anymore. It makes you someone great to hang around with, which in turn means your relationships are stronger, you make more friends, you bond better with people, you are never the centre or off-centre of any conflict and you work well in a team. So you now understand how a team that laughs together works better.

Here are a few ways to find some laughs along life’s way:

  1. Laugh at yourself. When you goof up, it’s a good reason to share a few laughs with others.
  2. Find humor in things around you – life isn’t so serious as people act upon.
  3. Read a funny book, or watch funny movies and shows from time to time. Catch your favorite comedians on TV or at a club or stage near you with friends.
  4. Share some joke with those around you. Bring some humour into your environment- may it be at your workplace or also at your coffee shop chitchats.
  5. Smile about it instead of feeling angry about it. Regardless what “it” is.
  6. Become a child every once in a while – spin around till you drop, play hopscotch, or skip, or hang upside down in the park jungle gym, jump in the puddle. It might make others laugh at you, but you will get a few laughs for yourself, too, anyway.
  7. Spend some time with children to laugh and play with them.
  8. Join a laughter club.

What other ways can you think, or experienced of to laugh a little more every day? Share your views.


Jasmin Waldmann

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Jasmin Waldmann is a well renowned international Life Coach. She guides people of any age, occupations, gender or nationality to work on their charisma, inner balance, guide how to become more successful and boost mental and physical health – and this counts for business and private life. Jasmin helps in a team-character way to a life full of joy and satisfaction.

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