30 Jan

Why Men Should Cry?


Life is not a straight road on which you can move smoothly without any difficulties. In fact, it is full of twists and turns few of which are favorable while the others are very much undesirable. But, as a human being, we can’t do much about it. All that we can do is to try to tackle the situation, whatever it may be, in the best possible manner.

Just as we burst out in laughter when there is a funny or friendly situation, crying in a sad and distressed situation is equally important. According to the international Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann, crying is also an expression of feelings just like laughing. It should not be considered as something weak or flaccid because it’s just a way to express your emotions genuinely.

In our world, laughter is always welcomed by the people and is never forbidden by anyone but when it comes to boys, people forbid them to cry. It is inculcated into the minds of the boys from a very early age that they should not cry as crying is not a manly thing to do.

The boys are made to believe from a tender age that if they cry, they will exhibit their weakness in front of the people. These boys grow into men but they are still influenced by the teachings of their young age. They still believe that they are not supposed to cry for any reason as crying is the validation of being frail and feeble. People tell them that crying is a weak and girlish thing and, they being men should not shed tears on every petty issue. If they do so, they are not strong enough to be a man.

The German Coach Jasmin Waldmann appeals that a boy / man should express his emotions whatever they are- whether good or bad. He should never hesitate in doing so because it is very important for the mental well-being of him as an individual. Men should understand that crying is not at all about being weak but it is actually the genuine emotions of their heart that they need to vent. As a person, we should also stand by them in their plight and should not ridicule them for crying. Showing emotions, managing them shows so much strength and power – either laughter or crying.

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