02 Feb

Talk To Your Baby


I hope we all are aware of the fact that we need to talk to our children constantly at regular intervals of time. We need to listen to them, share our thoughts and try to spend a good quality time with them.

But majority of us are not aware that this process should start as soon as you come to know about the pregnancy!

The matter of fact remains that as soon as we discover that a little child is ‘on its way’; it is an equal responsibility of the mother and father that they should start talking to the baby in the womb right then. It helps to form a strong bond between the baby and the parents.

Though the young mother goes through various hormonal imbalances and mood swings during the pregnancy but she should try to keep her emotions and attitude balanced. It is the duty of other family members also to do everything to make her cheerful and positive as it directly impacts the fetus. The fetus in the womb gets to know each and every emotion and feeling of the mother as well as the people with whom she remains surrounded majority of the time.

If the mother has positive feelings inside her, she will unknowingly impart them to the fetus who will imbibe them as its nature. But, in case the mother is going through any stress, it will also affect the fetus in the similar way. Thus, it becomes the duty of the parents to create a positive environment for their baby even before it opens its eyes in this world.

Internationally renowned Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann says that the fetus is very aware of all happenings inside and in the outer world as well and thus the parents should try their best to let the unborn baby experience peace, love, and care. It is a responsibility of both young parents to ensure that their baby starts its journey of life in the best possible way and in the most delightful environment.

This also means talking to the unborn. The more the better. In that way it transfers the feeling of love, a secure place with the mother and thus the joy and trust will be built. (Latter one is the most important part for further trust-ability!).

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