7 Key Steps to Boost Productivity and Energy


As an individual, you are always different from others. You have your own energy, power and limitations.

But that does not mean you cannot push your limitations!

Our society and the people around are continuously feeding you with pre-defined notions of what the best thing to be achieved is and how to achieve it. Certainly, there are proven results to justify all that is being told and practiced again and again. But as I said above, every individual is unique and not necessarily all the pre-defined practices will fit to the life of an arbitrary individual as aptly as those are expected to.

Just because you have done every usual and normal thing as others are doing, it doesn’t get confirmed that you will be as productive and energized as calculated by our society. Every individual is unique; hence the energy levels and scope of productivity.

If you want to achieve far more in your life and feel that you are not moving towards to it, then most likely your energy levels are right now lower as required, you are surrounded with the wrong people, or you are not utilizing your energy completely. The good thing is you can always boost your energy and then your productivity.

7 key steps to boost your productivity and energy

  1. Realize your peak times of high energy level and low energy levels: Throughout the day, your energy levels are not the same. Check out when are your usual timings for both!? E.g. morning 7-9 am you have a high energy and 3-5 pm low energy levels. So at your peak times you can switch off your phone and go offline – to do the difficult and complex tasks; when your energy level is low go for work (e.g. answering emails), anything which does not require the genius inside you ðŸ˜‰
  2. Look for opportunities hidden in a moment: If you concentrate continuously on challenges and defeats, you will only get stressed and things will only become more difficult. So whenever things are not the way you want, look for the hidden opportunities in that moment and then use it. You will realize an influx of positive energy.
  3. Live in the Present: That does not mean you do not need a plan (half year, monthly, weekly and daily plans are required). Being in the moment will help you to concentrate at one task/ problem at a time and you will be able to resolve it better.
  4. Exercise and Meditate regulary: Often heard, sounds cliche, but you can not skip those important parts. They strengthening your mental and physical power and boosting your energy levels. They are the base of all.
  5. Eat healthy and clean: Healthy eating habits and eating clean and nutritious food is a must for high mental and physical performance. I need you to realize what your brain and body actually needs (check out “JaWa Diet”)
  6. Define your own style of living: If you found yourself living in the style of the societies pre-defined standards and your environment or society, it is time to reflect. You might find that the style you live right now is not yours. It is based upon the expectations of others, most likely your family. And one fine day you thought it is your standard. But this can’t be generalized. Now I want you to realize what is normal for you and how much more you want. Accordingly, you need to define your own way of living. Maybe you want to get up later, or earlier, maybe you found out that your high energy level time is at 10 pm-1 am…

    Whatever it might be- find out and then dare to live accordingly.

  7. Be loyal to yourself: Once you have identified your style of living, stick to it. If you can’t or don’t want to do it the way others are doing, at least you have to do it your own way. So don’t cheat yourself and reflect frequently. If needed, be open to also change again.

Saying is easy but doing need courage and required action.

Jasmin Waldmann

Jasmin Waldmann is a well renowned international Life Coach. She guides people of any age, occupations, stress management, gender or nationality to find their inner happiness & balance, strengthen the inner self and guide how to become more successful and healthy – in business and private life. Jasmin helps in a team-character way to a life full of joy and satisfaction.

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