5 Simple steps to be your own Life coach


In today’s hassled life, it becomes very crucial to have someone who can help you to make your life hassle free, happy and balanced. But there aren’t many people who are very clear about the concept of a life coach. Life coach is someone who helps you in getting clarity about life, helps with the problems pertaining to your life. In a nutshell, a life coach is someone who coaches you on your life, who teaches how to lead a better life.

However, it’s not that you always need to look for a professional Life Coach. We understand that in today’s busy and hectic life, it’s difficult to look outside and hunt for a life coach who can grasp your needs in a perfect manner. That’s why, today we have come up with 5 simple steps which can turn you into your own life coach. Jasmin Waldmann, an international life coach, who has enormous experience about Life coaching, is here to share the steps of becoming your own life coach.

1. Start asking questions- A life coach get to know you step by step from within. She/ he finds out who you really are, inside and outside, and what your life is really about. Basically, a life coach will reach the roots from where your life and motivation to do things are emanates from. 
Whenever life seems to be in dilemma and you feel like running away from the world, go to some calm place, sit with yourself and ask yourself relevant questions like – ‘What is it what is right now bothering’? ‘What things made me happy in the last few days/ weeks?’, What is my life all about- what are the relevant, important parts in my life’?

We know it’s not that easy to get the answers of questions like that but it’s not that difficult either. All you need to do is introspection and training your awareness.

2. Examine all aspects of your life- We’re sure you wouldn’t want to excel in your life at the cost of another loss, right? So for that you want to probe into all aspects of your life. Be it about your career or your personal life or being a better parent,

Examine deeply and look for pros and cons and then reach at the conclusion since our life is all inter-connected.

3. Set your own goals and strategize it yourself- I love to ask this very relevant question: imagine you would continue in the same manner in your life as you did until now… How would your life be like, would it become better or worse, happier or more sad?

Check what it would cost you to continue like that!

Build your goals; right it down as precisely as possible and check each important part of your life. Build your own strategies, independent of anybody else – you need to do it yourself and it has to be depending on you and you only. Not your spouse, kid, parents or anybody else in this world; and I mean it!

And after achieving one step of your goal, reflect!

Study how you did it and how you can implement the same strategy for your other goals. 

4. Be true to yourself– While you’re on your journey of achieving that goal, make sure you’re true to yourself. Even if you’re not honest with others, be honest to yourself. Else, you end up with ‘failure’. You are not going well, and if you keep telling yourself that it’s going all well, you can never succeed. Stop leaving in fallacies, be true to yourself.

5. Reward yourself after achieving a goal- We all love to be pampered, treated well, isn’t it?
You have achieved the goal that you had set for yourself! So, now it’s time to pack your bags and go out and relax, or do something what you really enjoy.

It’s the way of keeping yourself motivated and happy.

Maybe after climbing up a mountain you sit there for a while to relax and enjoy the lookout.

Don’t wait for others to pat your back and appreciate you.
Appreciate yourself. Then its time to keep moving again and the next step higher.
So here we put an end to our D-I-Y (Do it yourself) steps of being your own life coach. We hope they will help you. In case they don’t prove to be that helpful or you feel stuck somewhere, you always have Jasmin Waldmann to reach out to.

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