“I have to admit that when I saw Jasmin on the first day of our workshop, I thought to myself, “Another trainer who will just play some boring team-bonding games! ”I was completely wrong, and I am not at all disappointed about being wrong. From the moment Jasmin took over, she was completely in command. She conducted the session beautifully with many real-life examples. She is charismatic and exudes positive energy. She impressed me with her knowledge and wisdom, and I didn’t want to miss a single word during the workshop. I was mesmerized as I had never attended such an energetic session before. I realized that there is considerable potential within us, but we live in fear and doubt and seldom try to break those barriers. From Jasmin, we all learnt that “nothing is impossible”. Thank you, Jasmin. I look forward to attending more such sessions in future.”
“Jasmin is a wonderful speaker, and everything she says comes straight from her heart. Her sessions explore burning topics in today's corporate world—leadership, Peer's Alignment, walking the extra mile, and positivity in life. Jasmin was more connected and attached to the audience in the sense that she was like one of them and not someone from the other side of the table. Jasmin is very focused about team alignment and coordination and includes various exercises and games in her sessions. Her books provide deep insight into learning experiences and her journey as an inspirational speaker. I highly recommend Jasmin for offsite sessions.”
Jasmin Waldmann conducted a workshop for the entire NuernbergMesse India Team during our company Offsite in Goa this year. The activities designed were effective in terms of encouraging team building and improved interaction. The sessions were well planned and had a good mix of fun activities as well as thought-provoking sessions. Was great cooperating with Jasmin who understood the needs of a young, dynamic, developing team.
The training session through the various planned activities succeeded in achieving the aim to create a casual and conducive atmosphere for team-building. A good combination of sports, fun sessions and discussions around work life balance, helped the team to exchange ideas and bond with each other.
At the India Didactics Association @ DIDAC India 2018, held in October 2018, in New Delhi, Jasmin Waldmann conducted a workshop “Discovering Self for Effective Teaching and Learning.” All participants at the workshop were in agreement about the good quality and content of Jasmin's workshop as well as her ability as a speaker. Of these, more than 81 % believed that the quality of Jasmin’s workshop was good, with almost 30% considering it excellent. As for the content of her workshop, 79% of the participants believed Jasmin was good, with almost 23% of them saying that she was excellent. Over 80% believed Jasmin was a good speaker, and nearly 29% thought she was excellent. The participant assessments suggest that Jasmin has considerable expertise in demonstrating how to discover self and utilize that knowledge towards effective teaching and learning.
We are glad that we approached your company for support and guidance when hiring a strategic resource to manage our quality department in SKH-SILA. It has been a few months since that hired person works for us and we are delighted to acknowledge that your valuable analysis and suggestions when choosing the best candidate were really crucial. Your accurate judgement helped us choose someone with the best approach to the tasks and duties. The experience with you has been very rewarding, and it has given us the confidence and assurance to back the growth potential of the candidate. Thank you once again for your great expertise, efficient execution and positive direction in this matter.
Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann conducted for our company the seminar “Intercultural Differences”. All participants were in agreement to varying degrees that Ms. Jasmin had considerable expertise on intercultural differences and was well prepared. Of these participants, 90.91% agreed that the Coach explained all specialists’ terms and the s:ame percentage also agreed that Ms. Jasmin listened to and answered all participant queries. Over 90% of all participants believed that the objective of the training was achieved and having Ms. Jasmin Waldmann to train on intercultural differences was extremely helpful.
Jasmin Waldmann is a very knowledgeable and professional coach. Our company recently had a wellness session with her, which we all found to be very practical and actionable. I want to recommend her services. All the best Jasmin!
We haven’t done something of this sort in any of our past initiatives so that left us with lot of questions if this will be appreciated by our clients. But I must say at the end of your session we are so glad that we said yes to you. The session was a true inspiration to individuals both in their personal and working life. I indeed have enjoyed your thought and the new way of thinking and looking to our daily life. Everything you’ve said had left deep effects on me and I believe in all participants. You are not THE BEST – YOU ARE A GENIUS 🙂 When you went to the stage, it was very clearly a breath of fresh air. The energy, the power… After a packed agenda on day one I would imagine the audience would be tired, exhausted, but at the end of the performance, they looked incredibly re-energized, revitalized… It’s a new way for the business world to see things. Thank you again – Jasmin, for your wonderful presentation. This resonates deeply with our striving for excellence and inspiration here at IDE.