“I enjoyed the session as it was quite interactive and there were activities to keep us engaged throughout. However I felt that not enough time was allocated to the Q&A. Having said that, I think it was a good session.”
“The session was insightful and very well conveyed. I liked the self-assessment.”
“The session was really refreshing and interactive. The self-assessment and meditation techniques conveyed were easily adoptable and helpful keeping in view the current working scenario”
“An insightful session with a great Life Coach! All in all it was an amazing session with pretty good takeaways for everyone during these daunting times! ☺ "
“Overall the content, the timelines and involvement from participants made the session very fruitful.”
"Thanks for the tips - I now practice this earnestly.“
“It was a very insightful session, I have already implemented a few of the tips shared, especially the methodology to drink water. I am also following some superfoods in my diet mentioned during your session. Overall, I found it to be a very informative session. During this busy life it’s easy to ignore the most precious god gift that we have got – Health, a session like this is highly recommended for a healthy and peaceful life.”
“An interesting session on diet management. It gets you thinking on how understanding your body's food requirements helps detoxing not only your body but also your mind in the long run.”
“It was really a wonderful experience and brought us to a realization of all about the diet management. It was all about the healthy way to eat and make us understand as to what exactly our body needs. The interaction was simply about the way to a healthy life”
“Awesome, Life changing, Inspirational! Jasmin is passionate about her topic and makes all listeners a convert. Her presentation was seamless and she was so energetic.”
“Jasmin Waldmann is a very experienced Life Coach. Her in depth knowledge on nutrition, medical conditions & the human body is very vast. She has the ability to simplify facts making it easy for people to understand. Her dedication towards her work, coupled with the personal attention she gives you is very motivating and encouraging.”