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The service refers to a form of business that works for the customers, provides goods also at times but it is certainly not involved in the manufacturing. It is considered as the tertiary sector of an economy. It is related to the softer part of the economy in which people extend their skills and time to others in order to enhance their performance and productivity. The last century has witnessed a major shift from the manufacturing sector to the service sector as people have understood the importance of providing a good service to the potential customers.

Service is very important for any type of business as it helps them to reach the customers in an organized manner.

The service should be provided with real interest and it should not be a fake one. The service should be completely based on the type of products, the need of the customer and should be offered in a proper way e.g. the customers should be happy and satisfied with it. The services are abstract and the potential customers find it difficult to decipher what they will get and how much important it would be for them.But, as the famous international Life Coach, Jasmin Waldmann says, a business person should make sure that its customers get satisfied with the services at any time.

Another important thing, the person who serves the customers should understand that he/ she should always remain behind the product whatever the product or service is. She/ he cannot alienate herself/ himself from the product or the service with which he/she is attached. It means that the person should actually live the product. He should incorporate the same values in his Life and should have a first-hand experience of the product. Then only, he can give a real service to his customers for that particular product, says Jasmin Waldmann.

She says also that the person, who is behind the product, should always contain the same values in his Life and simultaneously, he should share these values with his customers. It is very important as the customers will get the real flavor of the service only when the service provider himself incorporates all these values in him.

It calls first for the sales person to check the own values, before signing up for a job. If that is clear, it can be checked easily.

By asking for example “what is important to me”, like honesty, freedom, family, health… then one can easily crosscheck the values of a company and their products. If it matches, one should go for it further, the Life Coach explains.

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