The book is new & refreshing. It’s precise & upto the point. It doesn’t drag unnecessarily. It’s a good self-help book which can be implemented in our daily consumption & daytoday lives.Language is simple, easy to read and easy to understand.An important book. A must read for all the readers!
The book starts with a very relatable prologue by author. This book is written in a very clever way. Instead of making it a self-help book, the author took us through Amit’s journey of improving his life.This was also very easy and quick to read. It doesn’t get dull at all. There is a lot of much-needed advice in it. You just have to reflect as you read.I really loved reading this book. I highly recommend this book to everyone.
A book which takes you through Amit’s journey who is just like us running away from the truth,his journey guides you to understand the need of discovering yourself by accepting good and bad things in our life,learn to let go and discover your inner voice so that you can do that gives your mind, body, soul real peace and happiness.
Change Me is one of the rare books that manages to teach but not be preachy, I've been through my fair share of books that turned out to be sleep inducing sermons, so Change Me was a happy and refreshing change. It's a simple book, easy to read and easy to understand, while not being simplistic.
Jasmin has done a good job of converting a serious topic of wellbeing self-help into a fiction work. Very few self-help writers understand that there is a need of flow in the book which connects difficult islands of heavy topics/theorems with help of bridge called story. So I would give a clap for her efforts. The language was easy and the flow was straight.
I can add it up to my best self help books without a single doubt and I can compare it to "the monk who sold his ferrari " unfolding a healthy secrets of living . A must have on shelf if you are looking for actual shelf
The book is amazingly written. The language of this book is simple and easy. The book is very good and thoughts are easy to follow. The book will open your mind and also helps to understand life from different perspective.I would recommend this book to all those who wish to read good self-help book.
I love Jasmin's sessions. Through my sessions with her, I have learnt that to be able to maximize my capabilities and see real progress, I need to be patient. I have complete trust in Jasmin's guidance. Each time, she has heard me out with utmost patience and calmness and made me realise that I am in charge of my own life and that I can control it through my own thought process. I would highly recommend Jasmin's coaching to anyone who is filled with self-doubt and is unable to achieve great heights or find success. Jasmin's sessions can give you greater clarity of thought and a deeper understanding of yourself.
It is a great interaction with Jasmin Waldmann. The Life Coaching sessions are inspirational, enriching and rejuvenating experiences. A bunch of energy, self- discoveries, discipline and motivation. It is life changing for me and I am very happy about that. This words are actually just a small expression of how I am feeling, how my life changed and is still changing. My life turned into an journey full of self- confidence, love towards myself and others, understanding myself in many ways now. And the journey continues …
I have never had a personal trainer and I am sure I made all the common mistakes in trying to get fit. I found myself in a quite bad shape, both mentally and physically. I looked for somebody to help me to get fit, lose weight and even more important to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle. It was important that I can find somebody I can connect with. This combination seems to be really hard to come by. But then I found Jasmin!! She helped and taught me more than I would have believed is possible (or would have known how). When we started together, we had a full assessment together and set goals for the rest of the year. We then set continuously monthly or weekly goals with highly personalized workout and nutrition plans. Also I got always different ´homework` because of my life my coaching sessions. Of course the workouts were and are painful but Jasmin has a way of keeping one motivated throughout and also helps through difficult or low motivation phases. She always keeps the focus on a holistic training. She always comes up with the right mixture to balance mind, nutrition and body in a perfect way. This includes all aspects of the body workouts, also my new lifestyle and mental health and truly finds an individual approach. This really worked well for me!! We have since then managed to achieve almost all factual goals (30 kilos weight loss and specific improvement of my fitness level). But more importantly she helped me to find a true connection between my mind and my body and make changes in my lifestyle that I simply did not see or did not know how to make. So in that sense we focused on a true transformation rather than make some forced short-sighted changes. I can say that it was the best thing that could have happened to me, to start working with Jasmin and I hope that we can continue for a long time!!
Jasmin is a coach who takes also not only common and known paths. She is creative and use this skill to boost for example the motivation level. Fun and joy in the training and small challenges in coaching are what she put on top of the basics.
I have been gifted Personal Training by my husband. I wanted to reduce weight after my son as born but initially had almost a bit afraid because I did rarely any activities. But after the initial conversation with Jasmin, the assessment I was reassured. Jasmin acts perfectly accordingly the individual needs and goals. And despite sore muscles I was motivated and had fun doing it. Exercise instructions and nutritional advice, and practical tips for implementation in daily life have inspired me to keep going until today even I achieved the goals I was looking for. I can only recommend her to anyone. She is so good!
I won a “Personal Trainer Day from the magazine” Brigitte (one of the most successful women magazines in Germany) with Jasmin. I have gained so much new knowledge about myself and movement in general in this one day. I experienced Jasmin as deliberate, interested, competent and convincing. She is credible and authentic. The day was amazing and has brought me a lot of support.Thanks again for your entire effort, lovely Jasmin! I absolutely recommend her! 🙂 Indra
Jasmin understood my needs and has been able to give me in a short period of time life changing findings. To get to know me better, be able to change the parts of my life which has been obstacles for many years in my life. She also supported me in my physical fitness and helped me to reduce my body weight.
I never thought that a personal trainer day with Jasmin Waldmann will be have such a long lasting impact on me. She brought back my motivation and managed it that I put fitness training back again in my weekly schedule. The Dietary advice (with lots of good advices) was very helpful for me. Conclusion: Highly recommended!
A great and informative day: Jas brought up many facts about the right training (depending on targets). She came with many aspects to think about (which I never thought about) and so much of motivation. Many Thanks!
I´ve tried for a long to reduce my weight on my own and with other trainers, and I was not able make it really happen. Too many business lunches and stress. Since I am very busy at work, I was glad that Jasmin Waldmann showed me opportunities for handling myself even in stressful situations, in training sessions and nutrition. I did reach my ideal weight in a very easy and light way. Of course not always but often, thanks to her amazing management. I advise anybody who wants to make a real change to Jasmin. She is for me the top address ! Above all, it makes a lot of fun to be trained by her.

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