"I came to Jasmin Waldmann as a broken-down hobby athlete and experienced excellent and holistic coaching. I left injury free and with a changed worldview about how amazingly holistic coaching can support athletes. Jasmin's ability to analyse problems is phenomenal. After my package was over and I was cured, fit and mentally sharp, I asked her to speak to my employees, too. She agreed and I can say that her presentation and engagement with the audience is personable, funny and effective, and every workshop she has led for us has been a complete success."
“I am fortunate to have been trained by Ms. Jasmin Waldmann. She is a wonderful coach and trainer with an eye for detail. She makes self-development and personal growth interesting, challenging and even fun. I highly recommend her services to every business owner.”
Changing jobs is a critical decision and often plagued with uncertainties. However, Jasmin ensured that all my worries and queries were answered to my satisfaction and my interests were addressed. She helped me address and overcome my doubts. I benefited from my 6 sessions with her as I was able to make a strong decision with regard to finding a great company to join, negotiating a great salary package and transitioning into my new job smoothly. Thanks Jasmin, for supporting me.
“Ms Jasmin Waldmann’s presence has proved to be a life-changing experience for me. I came across her at a phase in my life that I would label as ‘discontent and confusion’. I attended her workshop "Work Life Balance for Men" in February 2018. Three months later, I signed up for a holistic program exclusively with her. This included Life Coaching sessions, diet consultancy, fitness training, and meditation. It went on for 6 months. The deepest impact she had on me and the different perspectives she gave me still remain with me as a source of strength. She listened carefully, interrupted me when needed and asked me questions. It gave me a secure feeling, being accepted as I am and gave me the platform for deeper insight. I understood my dreams and far more importantly, myself. The unique tool that she employs during her coaching sessions is her way of showing different perspectives and asking me the right questions. My deep prayers and sincere wishes are for her. I recommend Jasmin’s services to everyone seeking change in their professional or personal life. I wish her all the best.”
Jasmin helped me overcome my long-standing struggle with losing weight. I now understand better how I can maintain my energy levels through the day without snacking or reaching out for comfort food. Mindful eating is less about giving up on foods and more about getting attuned to eating what the body needs. I would have never understood the body and mind connection if Jasmin had not guided me. If anyone is initially unsure about the outcome of the sessions with her, it’s her vast knowledge and experience that she shares so openly that would allay any doubts. I was also having challenges with too much workload. Her concept of Me-Time saved me from changing jobs at a time when, unknown to me, I was being considered for a promotion. Not only did I eventually get that promotion but I was also offered an option of working from home twice a week. The commuting time that I saved on, helped me to spend extra time at the gym. My biggest takeaway from Jasmin’s sessions was that every aspect of our life is inter-connected – you work on any one aspect and everything else falls in place. Jasmin made me believe that I could take each step, and there was no looking back.
I love Jasmin's sessions. Through my sessions with her, I have learnt that to be able to maximize my capabilities and see real progress, I need to be patient. I have complete trust in Jasmin's guidance. Each time, she has heard me out with utmost patience and calmness and made me realise that I am in charge of my own life and that I can control it through my own thought process. I would highly recommend Jasmin's coaching to anyone who is filled with self-doubt and is unable to achieve great heights or find success. Jasmin's sessions can give you greater clarity of thought and a deeper understanding of yourself.
It is a great interaction with Jasmin Waldmann. The Life Coaching sessions are inspirational, enriching and rejuvenating experiences. A bunch of energy, self- discoveries, discipline and motivation. It is life changing for me and I am very happy about that. This words are actually just a small expression of how I am feeling, how my life changed and is still changing. My life turned into an journey full of self- confidence, love towards myself and others, understanding myself in many ways now. And the journey continues …
I have never had a personal trainer and I am sure I made all the common mistakes in trying to get fit. I found myself in a quite bad shape, both mentally and physically. I looked for somebody to help me to get fit, lose weight and even more important to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle. It was important that I can find somebody I can connect with. This combination seems to be really hard to come by. But then I found Jasmin!! She helped and taught me more than I would have believed is possible (or would have known how). When we started together, we had a full assessment together and set goals for the rest of the year. We then set continuously monthly or weekly goals with highly personalized workout and nutrition plans. Also I got always different ´homework` because of my life my coaching sessions. Of course the workouts were and are painful but Jasmin has a way of keeping one motivated throughout and also helps through difficult or low motivation phases. She always keeps the focus on a holistic training. She always comes up with the right mixture to balance mind, nutrition and body in a perfect way. This includes all aspects of the body workouts, also my new lifestyle and mental health and truly finds an individual approach. This really worked well for me!! We have since then managed to achieve almost all factual goals (30 kilos weight loss and specific improvement of my fitness level). But more importantly she helped me to find a true connection between my mind and my body and make changes in my lifestyle that I simply did not see or did not know how to make. So in that sense we focused on a true transformation rather than make some forced short-sighted changes. I can say that it was the best thing that could have happened to me, to start working with Jasmin and I hope that we can continue for a long time!!
Jasmin is a coach who takes also not only common and known paths. She is creative and use this skill to boost for example the motivation level. Fun and joy in the training and small challenges in coaching are what she put on top of the basics.
I have been gifted Personal Training by my husband. I wanted to reduce weight after my son as born but initially had almost a bit afraid because I did rarely any activities. But after the initial conversation with Jasmin, the assessment I was reassured. Jasmin acts perfectly accordingly the individual needs and goals. And despite sore muscles I was motivated and had fun doing it. Exercise instructions and nutritional advice, and practical tips for implementation in daily life have inspired me to keep going until today even I achieved the goals I was looking for. I can only recommend her to anyone. She is so good!
I won a “Personal Trainer Day from the magazine” Brigitte (one of the most successful women magazines in Germany) with Jasmin. I have gained so much new knowledge about myself and movement in general in this one day. I experienced Jasmin as deliberate, interested, competent and convincing. She is credible and authentic. The day was amazing and has brought me a lot of support.Thanks again for your entire effort, lovely Jasmin! I absolutely recommend her! 🙂 Indra
Jasmin understood my needs and has been able to give me in a short period of time life changing findings. To get to know me better, be able to change the parts of my life which has been obstacles for many years in my life. She also supported me in my physical fitness and helped me to reduce my body weight.
I never thought that a personal trainer day with Jasmin Waldmann will be have such a long lasting impact on me. She brought back my motivation and managed it that I put fitness training back again in my weekly schedule. The Dietary advice (with lots of good advices) was very helpful for me. Conclusion: Highly recommended!
A great and informative day: Jas brought up many facts about the right training (depending on targets). She came with many aspects to think about (which I never thought about) and so much of motivation. Many Thanks!
I´ve tried for a long to reduce my weight on my own and with other trainers, and I was not able make it really happen. Too many business lunches and stress. Since I am very busy at work, I was glad that Jasmin Waldmann showed me opportunities for handling myself even in stressful situations, in training sessions and nutrition. I did reach my ideal weight in a very easy and light way. Of course not always but often, thanks to her amazing management. I advise anybody who wants to make a real change to Jasmin. She is for me the top address ! Above all, it makes a lot of fun to be trained by her.
Coaching with Jasmin is an experience, it is an amalgamation of psychology, self analysis, taking action and reaching your goals. Through this process you can learn about yourself, and through understanding about yourself you can learn about people around you. It is an overall mind and body improvement that you will gain from this experience. You get what you put in, highly recommended to all!
I am a client of Jasmin Waldmann since beginning of the year. Jasmin is always friendly and in a good mood, which gives the sessions a very relaxed touch and easy-to-talk environment. She works with different methods, depending on the problem, target or the questions, in order to structure my own thinking. I appreciate the fact she is not interfering much in the thinking processes to gives me time to understand my own ideas & thoughts and she always supports me with the right “tools” to get my thoughts straight and clear the direction to think and go. I enjoy the sessions and fresh energy whenever we finish a session. I recommend her services to everybody who looks for personal growth!
It’s been four months that I have been training with Jasmin and I am very happy with the results. I lost 8 Kilos with Fitness Training and JaWa Diet (in the strict phase) within 1 week !! It is great. Overall I lost 12 Kilos and I am happy with the results. Jasmin is a very dedicated Coach and sometimes pretty strict, too. Which is fair because she pushes you to achieve more each day. I love it that the workout session are challenging unlike a repetitive workout plan. Also the part meditation – As I already knew about some types of meditations was this part with her very interesting and super helpful. I highly recommend her body & mind transformation program because Jasmin’s program gives you a schedule and that helps you utilize your day more efficiently. Whatever category we work into , even the fitness program, is super helpful and also meditative in some parts. Thanks to Jasmin – I am looking forward to have more of it.
I am really enjoying working with Jasmin Waldmann on making long term lifestyle changes around my fitness and my attitude around fitness. I feel very motivated by her and look forward to working with her on getting fitter and having a healthier relationship with exercise, food and myself!! I feel already so much fitter in 2 months of work with Jasmin, it’s a gradual change which I feel will last and even when I can not keep up to commitments 100% because of work or travel – I don’t feel that I lose my fitness. I thank her so much. She is a truly unique individual who has a way of connecting with people which is very firm yet warm!!
Along with my partner Didier we started with Jasmin on February 6 this year, that is four months ago. In four months regular coaching Jasmin has educated both of us into motivation and regularity of sports and also the fun of having regular workouts we both miss if not in our weekly programs any more. Jasmin has the natural authority one expects from a coach – a no-nonsense approach to getting the hard work done and also understanding it and being proactive about it. Her motivational and nutritional background complements the whole approach. It is also impressive how according to a first assessment and later monthly follow-ups both of us can see measurable progress in a self-designated body appearance goal we both planned with her. This means actually putting down how many kilos one plans to put on or lose.. how many centimeters one wishes to gain at such and such part of the body etc Not being too understanding for excuses and cutting through the ‘blah-blah’ is a given with Jasmin, who is strict, down to the point and in the same time analytical and understanding, pushes you to your limits and makes you bypass them in a human and caring context with a lot of laughs and smiles. There is also a technical aspect which is very important to remember: As a trained and certified coach Jasmin has studied the human body and muscles in theory as well as in practice and she can easily explain to you the difference of a few percent between a right and a wrong angle while doing an exercise .. how to get it right and how to ensure there will be an effect .. an angle and an inclination nobody would know without the professional training. I must say that we both trust and enjoy working with Jasmin and even if she is our first personal trainer she will surely remain a reference for both of us in the future. To sum it up it is a pleasure to work (out) with Jasmin and I would recommend her services to anybody who is looking for great results and finds it tough to go to a gym all alone for an actual result (versus a dream that will not come true)
Light Mind, Light Body – it’s not only the spirit of Pilardio, it’s Jasmin herself – always smiling and full of power! The Pilardio education training with Jasmin was fulfilled with energy and passion. She pointed out our weaknesses and showed the easier way to work on it, she helped us to work with more concentration and precision and to discover our own mind and body. Although we had pretty much theory to learn and a large range of exercises to practice, Jasmin managed those two days of training to fly by easily! Thanks for the new experience in education training! Thanks for being so Pilardio:)
The Greeks had already known it for more than 2000 years: for living a healthy and happy life, the key is a balanced workout of body and mind.To work with Mrs. Waldmann has given me new energy and balance; this has had a high positive impact on my quality of life: just brilliant!
The education training of Pilardio® was a great experience! Jasmin gave us an astounding class, she was full of energy plus the teaching was enjoyable, to the point and very illustrative! With the help of Jasmin, it became easier to concentrate and focus on the exercises and their flow. I have to admit and I thank Jasmin for this, that Pilardio® helps release tension and learn demeanor beyond exercise, attitude towards life!
Jasmin is the best and most creative trainer on earth! She is insightful about the cardio part, the mind issues and she provides the best advice.
Jasmin Waldmann offers expertise, coupled with persuasion and zest for life. I do not want to miss your workout.
I use the option of private coaching from Ms. Waldmann over a half year now. The holistic approach convinced me! The private lessons has become for me an essential part of my week. It is important to me that Ms. Waldmann is in each question (Pilardio® diet, building muscles, metabolic functions, cardio and Pilates) a technically very competent consultant. The workout has be arranged by her according to my needs and commonly agreed training goals. I can fully recommend the support by Jasmin Waldmann and Pilardio®! A great addition is the way also their training video!
I started my training with Jasmin because I wanted to reduce my weight in a certain time and I wanted to be able to jog moderate for an hour. After the first meeting with her (where we discussed my problems & goals), I had a good feeling that this woman is able to help me. She also agreed to work with me and thus began my sporting success story. We started indoors. Jasmin managed it always, that I had a challenge that I was able to master well. Outside we started walking to create a good endurance base. She has also produced daily exercises and workouts that I could do alone, especially when I was on a business trip. That worked out great, because Jasmin was always approachable and we are also regularly discussed. She accompanied me in all nutritional needs (including alcohol in general) and worked out a nutrition plan for me in my daily life. That was perfect and I was able to implement it very successfully. Because Jasmin created this program for me, I was after some time able to jog / run over an hour, so everything worked out perfectly! She also gave me also the spark to go hiking.In retrospect, I can say it was a very successful idea to tackle my goals with Jasmin Waldmann. She trained and advised me, so within 4-5 months I decreased 22 kg of my body weight! A lot of people could learn a lot from her professional and friendly way – I highly recommend this trainer to anyone who wants address seriously their goals and want to achieve rapidly and healthy. She gave me the knowledge to act now by myself, as it was agreed! Super woman and very capable personal trainer!
A big thank you to Jasmin Waldmann and her team. I am far away from being a sports person and my activities are limited to auf soccer / football and once in a year jogging! When somebody referred Jasmin to me I was skeptical on the beginning. But it changed my whole idea of fitness and general movement. On the beginning it was a pain in the eyes, but after a short time and because of the individual treatment I did not wanted to hide behind my comfort anymore. Many thanks for the start into a healthier life and the certainty that I can come back to you whenever it needed. Best wishes, Ingo Losch
Jasmin Waldmann and the concept Pilardio® which she created is unique. Finally one thing that keeps what it promises. I am enthusiastic and highly motivated, I reached a inner balance, like never before. Practical an amazing gift in my life. My concentration has improved significantly, I can easily maintain my weight now and I feel so awesome. Simply pilardio. Thousand thanks to Jasmin Waldmann.
I got to know Jasmin Waldmann through a friend of mine. I wanted to lose weight 30 kg and my own experiments always had trouble with. So I made an appointment with Ms. Jasmin Waldmann. The first impression of her was that she is a spontaneous and likeable person. I also was convinced that she would be able to take my problem over and handle it. This impression last by all other meetings. I lost some kilos, then at some time it just got stuck. Especially then, when the muscle growth and the weight loss was not there for some time, it shows how great she could kept me on track, motivated and was always on my side. Instead of the 30 kg I reached 27 kg yet, and I realized that’s enough for me. Without Ms. Waldmann’s help, I would have certainly never reached that. I owe her my success and am very thankful that she was there with me- never let me down, always believed in me. Thank you dear Jasmin Waldmann.
Jasmin Waldmann I can recommend to anyone looking for an empathetic and highly present trainer to optimize mental and physical exercise capacity. Intuition, lightness and fun combined with precision at the highest level.
Jasmin is awesome! If she would not exist yet, it would have to invented her. She met me in a very low phase of my life, and it was like jumping into a fountain of youth. The pure joy of life met me and it was contagious. Good ideas in personal coaching were easy to implement, and the “homework” absolutely achievable. Even in difficult subjects such as “weight” she is absolutely competent and I have lost a few pounds without dieting as such. We touched the theme “weight” slightly- even when this was one of the topics I got in touch with her – but as a byproduct of Life Coaching I reached my desired weight and keep it until now (for 1 1/2 years). If it ever gets with me “down” again – which is unlikely – because Jasmin coaching has a very lasting effect, I would book her services again immediately!
The training with Jasmin makes fun and brings me a lot of joy. She has developed a coordinated approach to my needs, which brings me step by step to my goal to be physically fit and lose weight. To say it short: She is just excellence and I am so happy to found her.
Personal commitment of JW exemplary; flexible in the appointment; Varied and intense training program; always a personal approach and motivation; measure and weigh with professional guidance; in dietary advice I would have liked to get more concrete proposals;
A necessary, but in the end, unfortunately unsuccessful, years of drug treatment in childhood led to the pointer on the scale from underweight over the years towards obesity. Early last year brought about the threat of gaining another 10 kgs. Since I did not want that, searching for new clothes frustrated me, I could not see myself in the mirror anymore. I knew, I was not able to manage it all by myself, so I went on the internet to search for help and I found it at Jasmin Waldmann. Initially I was very skeptic, because there was a mountain of 30 kgs right on me. After the first contact the skepticism was still there. Nevertheless, both of us could imagine to work together. The first training I have very bad memories. After the first 2 of 20 squats, I had quite a cramp in both thighs, which led to a day-long muscle pain. “That could be fun!” I thought. From workout to workout I realized my progress – which motivated me a lot. Jasmin also knew exactly which buttons she had to push, if I gave up. Especially in the beginning the weight loss wasn’t fast enough and I was frustrated. After this slow beginning finally the success was starting to get visible on my body and on scale. She had created a great base for one of her her subordinate Personal Trainers, because unfortunately Jasmin went to India after three months. The workouts have been very successful. Now, after a year, I get a new subordinate Personal Trainer of Jasmin Waldmann. Meanwhile I am 14 kgs lighter and lost 82 cm in width and 2 pant sizes less. I`m convinced that the last 10 kgs will melt away within 5 months. Then I would love to buy a new set clothes. My decision to do PT (Personal Training) with Jasmin, was the best decision of my life, which I should have done much sooner. But I`m very glad that I did not give up. Meanwhile, I also like my reflection again and am sure to master the final hurdles. For that I can only appreciate Jasmin- I have great respect for her and pay tribute to her for her gratitude and say: Thank you!
After a car accident a year ago I had big problems my left knee to move without pain. After it recovered a little bit, I had also increased a few pounds. I knew that regular exercises would help. But my motivation initially was not broader than make an appointment with Ms. Waldmann. This decision I have never regretted. Ms. Waldmann gave me back my motivation, the most important training goal. She achieved this with great sensitivity and adaptation to the requirements to my circumstances. This woman repeatedly came up with exercises that were tailored to me and certainly were not the ordinary stuff. This affected not only the physical exercises but also my diet. So I am now in a position to perform the exercises alone and can vary, if necessary. Even the regular running gives me back a lot of fun and I miss something if I can´t make it for whatever reason. However, I miss the good and interesting conversations with Ms. Waldmann, who made everything easier and more entertaining. It was a great time for me.
I started with Jasmin because I wanted to lose weight. After a short conversation we met for the check-up. Measuring blood pressure, etc .. Then we met in the forest for jogging. I had to do very strenuous exercises, pulled rubber bands, pushups, etc. Furthermore, she controlled my diet. She looked in my fridge, watched my heart rate monitors, she is very professionals. Furthermore you can have great talks with her, even though the training is very strenuous and nevertheless it makes fun. I also reached my goals halfways, after few months with joy.
I work with Jasmin since 10 months now, interrupted by trips on my part, about 3 times a week 1and I am very satisfied! I’ve become more flexible, I feel fitter, have changed my diet and lost about 8 kg. I will work with her as long as until I have my dream weight and then continue to hold it. I can highly recommend it!