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Our corporate and embassy programs

Intercultural Diversity:

Diversity is everywhere. Thanks to technological advancements, the world has become a small place. People are moving to work nowadays all over the world and have to deal with people from other cultures.

May it be Indians been sent abroad or foreigners come to India to work and live for a few years. Intercultural interactions have become commonplace.

People all around the world have their ingrained cultures, then when shifting to a different country people ignore the fact that different cultures coexist and that those are great, too, like their own. It is not at all easy to understand other cultures without a proper training in order then to be able to adapt to that new culture.

It is not necessarily to learn everything on one own or from co-workers – this takes a lot of time, is totally unstructured,consumes lots of energyand is very often inappropriate.Ou​r​ trainings program helps to understand​, ​accept and adjust happily and fast, plus without any social damage, nor wasting a lot of time.
Apart from that facts it leaves a deep emotionally impact too if one does not understand the culture and still “need” to live in it.
This does not has to be like that. We at JWLCC have the solution you need!
We provide this workshop for corporates and embassies and also provide in special cases one-on-one sessions.

Transformation Programme:

People suffer from stress, overwork, overweight, relentless business travels, bad habits, lethargy, unfulfilling relationships, egoism of others, confusion about career & profession, misunderstanding about oneself, difficulties in family, marriage problems, boredom with the same old stuff, no big success as once dreamed about, disconnection between your mind and body and perhaps physical ailments.
Imagine, you wake up one day and your life and you have changed into something you always wanted!

Nothing will knock you down easily anymore. You will feel happy, fulfilled, and successful.
As I say - change can happen. YOU can make it happen. All you need is training!