5 Dec

Living And Working With And Around Intercultural Differences

Intercultural interactions are the norm now, both physically and virtually. Everyone’s culture is an integral part of their being; it is a very huge part of their self-identity. So much so, people grow up convinced that their culture is the best or far better than all the others. The world is now a smaller place, but diversity is still everywhere. Because there is so much diversity, it has become extremely important to overcome differences and be sensitive to other cultures.

12 Oct

Transformation through Life Coaching

The dictionary meaning of this impactful word called transformation is “a change in form, appearance or nature”. And ‘transformation’ can also bring a respectful and amazing change to your life. Be it changing few aspects of e.g. changing habits like going to bed early instead of late, spending more time with your own family, etc. Or co-creating a new life altogether, maybe you seek for a new way of life beyond the way you are living it right now.

22 Feb


The dictionary defines “Charisma” as a compelling charm or attractiveness that can spark devotion in others. It is that special quality in a person that makes her/him stands out of the crowd and can make others feel great about themselves. It is believed by many that charisma is a quality attained by birth and cannot be learned. But the world renowned Life Coach Jasmin Waldmann knows that charisma is very much learn-able.

19 Jan

Nothing is Easier than to be busy

We live in a fast moving world and always find ourselves busy in one or the other thing. Though it is always advisable to be busy to keep yourself fit and moving, it is equally important to calm your mind and body as well. Keeping you busy without any reason, it is neither good nor healthy. In today’s scenario most people are busy without any business. They are busy in useless and avoidable things which create tension and stress in their lives. They do things without any structure.

11 Jan

Ego: the Killer of Happiness and Satisfaction

Human nature has several facets, good and bad, positive and negative. The positive ones are the harbingers of happiness and the negative ones act as the destroyers of joy in the life. Ego is one of the negative features of the human kind, which can create unknowingly so much of adversities in life that would eventually lead to the complete elimination of happiness and satisfaction from one’s life.

21 Nov

The Ugly Side of Smoking

People start doing something as a result of curiosity but later it becomes a habit. Cigarette smoking is one such habit which is started as just an experience either with friends or just due to the inquisitiveness of an individual. The person wants to experience and starts smoking but gradually, it gets converted into a habit which is very difficult to leave. Smoking has many hazardous effects on the body of the smoker.

4 Nov

Find Your Personal Movement

Your body is a living machine. Just like you need to take care of various machines, or car that you use in your day-to-day life, your body also needs constant care and maintenance. You can look after your body by eating healthy and clean, taking proper sleep and exercise regularly. If we talk about exercise, not all kinds of exercises are suitable for all bodies. There is a certain form of exercise that your body likes and enjoys.

20 Oct

Enjoy The Moment!

It is said that 'past is the past'. On the contrary present is truth and present can give you happiness! Today ones life is often nothing less than a rat race. Either you are running behind the fortune you seek and make your future secured or you are carrying the huge baggage of your past on your shoulders and thus make life unbearable for yourselves. How many people are actually seizing the moment at present and living life to its fullest?

22 Aug

Have A Break After Each Task

A normal day at work typically sees you buried in your computer, barely looking up and ploughing through an endless number of things that need to be done. But consider this: small, regular breaks throughout the day increase productivity and happiness at the workplace and boost the ability to focus again after a short break.

27 Jun

Life Coaching-The Key to Managing Stress in Your Life

We experience stress in our professional and personal lives. Sometimes positive but most often negative stress. However, if you’re constantly stressed for over a couple of weeks or months, then it’s best to look closer to it and change it through simple yet effective techniques. Stress has a long-term impact on our health and well-being and excessive stress can cause severe health complications and diseases.

22 Jun

How Life Coaching can help you in solving problems at workplace!

One of the biggest problems of any workplace, office or business is solving their day to day problems. In fact, businesses need to solve a multitude of problems and take the most appropriate decisions in order to grow and expand constantly. When it comes to dealing with problems, company executives and owners often get confused, afraid as well as uncomfortable about the entire situation and seek instant solutions.

30 May

Power of Being in Present Moment

“Like everything in life, it is not what happens to you but how you respond to it that counts.” Steve Backley Life is sometimes a roller coaster ride which encompasses happiness and sorrow back to back. It has a bunch of experiences and everyone wants those experiences to be happy and stress-free. Everyone desires to live a life of tranquility and each one of us has the right to live one. But are we winning, in our quest to find our happiness?

26 May

7 Key Steps to Boost Productivity and Energy

As an individual, you are always different from others. You have your own energy, power and limitations. But that does not mean you cannot push your limitations! Our society and the people around are continuously feeding you with pre-defined notions of what the best thing to be achieved is and how to achieve it. Certainly, there are proven results to justify all that is being told and practiced again and again.

7 May

Tips for Choosing a Life Coach for Succeeding in Business

The desire to succeed is what motivates executives, professionals and businesses around the globe. While, earning huge profits is obviously on every corporate executive, professionals and business men’s agenda, the urge to prove their point and showcase their talents and skills is what really excites and encourages them to perform and excel at work. Hence, if your business and executives seem to be nowhere then seek the expert guidance as well as services of a professional coach.

12 Apr

How an executive coach helps you to create your business plan

Running a business is not as easy as it seems initially, especially when the idea of setting up your own company strikes you for the first time. Before setting up your business, you are advised to focus on a number of aspects such as, the actual product description, check of profitability, entire costs of running the business, including necessary staff, the costs of manufacturing or creating products or offering services to your clients.

30 Mar

5 things a Life Coach help you with to improve your business performance

A life coach is your guide, mentor, guru and savior. So, if you haven’t a hired a life coach for your business and management yet then turn to one right now. A good number of business leaders, professionals, executives and organizations assume that they have everything that they need to achieve excellence at work. However, they simply fail when it comes to making the right moves, manage time, investments, strategies and making right decisions.

18 Mar

How a Life Coach Helps you to become an inspiring Leader

You might thought to yourself that you need the right kind of people or an amazing team to achieve your business goals and results. That is definitely true to some extent. However, have you ever reflected on the fact that you need to be a great and inspiring leader first and only then can you create the "right" team and get the best out of people to reach your goals and achieve success?

29 Feb

If you think you don’t need a Life Coach… Think Again!

All of us want to lead a happy and positive life. However only few people put efforts to become happy / happier. Others simply blaming circumstances and / or others that things get wrong in their lives and that is why they do not become successful and happy. Given such a scenario, it is nearly impossible to remain positive in life, especially when nothing is working in your favor. This is exactly why you can utilize Life Coaching services.

15 Feb

Stress - How to make it work for you?

Some people create unconsciously stress in their life and do not realize it for a long time. You could be stressed about numerous things in your life including job, kids, area you live in, financials, health, spouse, family, situations or just about anything else. Not many are aware of the fact that when you experience stress, your body releases stress-hormones like cortisone and adrenaline, which can further result in high blood pressure problem, decrease metabolism, increase insulin levels.

9 Feb

Pillars of Jasmin Waldmann’s Life Coaching

Life coaching is gaining on momentum and importance these days. Isn’t it quite obvious? Our lives have turned so hectic, so stressed that one needs a life coach - it becomes a natural need - as nobody ever told us how to handle all that. But what does life coaching really means? It is like a few lessons in ones life, very individual, depending on what is the obstacle. It leads into a peaceful life amidst the entire ruckus.

8 Feb

Transform Your Life: Turn to Jasmin Waldmann, International life coach

Do you need a mentor, guide and partner who can help you transform your life and aid you in achieving the right work and life balance? As a renowned and reputed International life coach, Jasmin knows and can execute her job pretty well! If your yoga, other workouts, some mental motivational classes didn’t give what you wanted and you did not achieve the results you expected, then it’s time to move on and turn to Jasmin Waldmann Life Coach.

4 Feb

5 Simple steps to be your own Life coach

In today’s hassled life, it becomes very crucial to have someone who can help you to make your life hassle free, happy and balanced. But there aren’t many people who are very clear about the concept of a life coach. Life coach is someone who helps you in getting clarity about life, helps with the problems pertaining to your life. In a nutshell, a life coach is someone who coaches you on your life, who teaches how to lead a better life.

2 Feb

6 Reasons why you need a life coach

Pretty good number of people still aren’t aware of who a Life Coach is, right? Fair enough! People are too engrossed in their lives that they hardly have time to talk about such things without realizing the importance of this. We will give you 6 reasons why Life Coaching is essential. However, firstly, we would like to start with an answer to a simple question- what is life coaching?

22 Jan

What is Life Coaching & Why Life Coaching is gaining it's momentum in India

Life Coaching is all about achieving the aspired mindset as well as body with the help of regular practice and training. In the process, you train yourself physically, keep a proper diet plan and also meditate in order to be able to reach the set goal. The entire process includes evaluation as well as regular assessments to keep a track of how far you have reached in your training program and how far you are from your goal.

21 Jan

New Year Resolutions: Why you should add life coaching in your list?

New Year resolutions are a must before entering into a new year. Don’t let the year just happen on you. If you are yet to prepare your list, did you add life coaching into it? Here are all the reasons why you should. Before getting into the 'why Life Coaching', let me tell you what it is. Life Coaching is the process of identifying your mental and physical needs. It is called a holistic approach of change!

11 Jan

Explore 7 Advantages of Life Coaching

Not everyone is well aware about what life coaching is as it has gained its due importance over the couple of years. Life coaching will instill within you confidence as well as a gradual transformation of your mind and body happens. Here are 7 reasons you can use life coaching and benefit from it the most: 1. Setting a target for yourself When you start with life coaching, the coach supports and guides you in setting targets and directs your path towards the same.

1 Jan

Meet Jasmin Waldmann, innovative Life Coach!

Jasmin Waldmann through her life coaching techniques help clients to transform their mind and body- to be happy and to attain the required goals. After Germany, USA and other countries, Jasmin Waldmann is now very committed to India and in this country since 2012. The coaching conducted by her will benefit both, the participants in seminars & workshops, the audience during her speec