12 Jul

The Heroine inside You

Women believe in many things, but often they believe the least in themselves. It is often very hard for them to realize that they alone are in charge of their lives. Most women across the world, rich or poor, think that others around them are in charge of their lives – parents, partners, spouses, their adult children… Somehow, women have been conditioned into believing that they can’t be happy by themselves or that they can’t be their own hero and find themselves depending on others

9 Jun

Set Your Own Pace, Live Your Life

You may have spent hours on Facebook and Instagram looking at the lives of others and thought to yourself: “What a wonderful life she/he has.” Your colleague is promoted and you may have thought: “She/he has gotten ahead. I am still here.” If you are constantly in a pointless pursuit to become this overachiever best-at-everything person, chasing after material things (a swank car, a luxury home, expensive vacations, and such) and “getting ahead in life,” then you are in a rat race.

19 Apr

Make A Bucket List to Live your Dream

Is there some place you want to go? Is there something you want to achieve in your career? Is there something you want to change about yourself? Is there some pain you want to overcome? Is there a goal you want to fulfill since long time? Have you been stuck with these for quite a while now? Well then, go ahead and create your bucket list! Yes, a bucket list.

13 Jan

What It Takes To Be A Leader?

We all know at least few people who have a great title with their names- ‘Leader’. These can be people who are working as a CEO or a GM in a huge multinational company or an owner of a small or mediocre company. The positions they hold and their identity as a leader fascinate us all but we have to understand what is behind the title-‘Leader’. We need to figure out if these people real leaders - in its true essence. A true leader possesses certain qualities that make her/him a leader.

28 Nov

The Meaning of Service in a Professional Manner

The service refers to a form of business that works for the customers, provides goods also at times but it is certainly not involved in the manufacturing. It is considered as the tertiary sector of an economy. It is related to the softer part of the economy in which people extend their skills and time to others in order to enhance their performance and productivity.

17 Nov

The Need to Talk to Our Kids

Your kids are the reflection of your personality and the society they are living in. This is partly due to genetic reasons and mainly because of the way of upbringing. Spending quality time with them plays a very significant role in molding them in the way you wish to. Many people feel that their children are very open to them and will share their problems and concerns whenever they would have any. But this is not always the case with everybody.

1 Jun

Stressed? Then learn How to do change your Lifestyle

“The most important time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” The modern day-to-day lifestyle has become so stressful and busy that the word ‘Relax’ became a highly fancy and big word. Slowly and steadily, we all have started accepting that living a highly busy life and bearing the inevitable stress is the natural way of living.

11 May

Feeling stressed out- Jasmin Waldmann, Renowned Life Coach in India has a solution

Success- pressure, appointments, calls, emotions, messages, anxiety, goals, targets, traffic jams, family, friends, social life and the list goes on and on... This is the present trend of human life. Everyone is always in a hurry. No time for themselves nor for the loved ones around them. Chaos and missing balance everywhere.

18 Apr

5 Steps from a Life Coach for you, to create your career goals

Are you one of those individuals who give a lot of importance to their careers? If yes, then you obviously understand your need of career goals. It is crucial to plan, in order to create a better and brighter future. As you know set up career goals are extremely important as they will help you in fulfilling your ambitions up to actually achieving what you have been working, every single day.

14 Apr

How executives weakens the team and 3 rules to turn it around

Every single employee within an organization strives hard to achieve success. In fact the very desire to succeed and excel at work is something that always keeps them motivated and focused towards work. When executives perform, an organization automatically witnesses increased productivity as well as innovation. However, often in their bid to overachieve, executives end up damaging their team’s enthusiasm and performance level.

11 Apr

3 steps how coaching help you in matters of career

Your career is one of your biggest strengths. It provides you with a unique identity and a reason to move ahead in life. However, people often find themselves heading nowhere in terms of careers and crave for someone who can guide and encourage them towards fulfilling their goals and ambitions. Here, take a look at three steps how coaching can help you in matters of career.

7 Apr

Find out your goals in life with Life Coaching

It is easy to lose motivation in the face of adversity and challenging times. Life can be extremely harsh and drag you down to their lowest levels, leaving you lost and dejected. During such times, you can get in touch with a life coach and seek inspiration and motivation to move ahead and prepare meaningful yet achievable goals in your life. Find out here how you can achieve your life goals with assistance from an expert.

5 Apr

3 major advantages in business with the support of a Life Coach

A couple of years ago, people did not know much about life or executive coaching and its capabilities in terms of transforming a person or business. Today, almost every business organization has realized the importance of hiring a life coach as well as an executive coach (preferable one person who knows both subjects) for guiding and supporting their executives in the 'right' and successful direction.